Pup Check Complete

Only one more scheduled pup check is left.

The last one went very well. The first team went and got the pups quickly from the yard into the den. From there we crated the pups. The pups are so big now (each about 10 Kg) that we put them in a large crate together and took them out to our work area.

Jill watching the adult wolves as Autumn blocked the den door opening.Chris, on the far right, was heading out of the yard to grab the crate.

A lot had to be done during this check-up. Two dewormers, the last vaccine, general check up, and today was microchip day. We can still tell the pups apart, but it’s important that each one always be able to be clearly identified. As always, the pups were weighed. Both are just about the same weight now — 10.15 and 10.25 Kg.

Katy had everything laid out and set up for each pup. Any questions about what you see in the picture?


Weighing is not as easy as it used to be. For now, the green bucket works fairly well, but I assume that won’t be the case next time. The crate in background was our means of transport today.


Pup 2246 fairly large at this point. He weighed 10.25 Kg.


This was the last day for the coccidia treatment.
teeth were as expected.


Dr. Vanderford looked in each pup’s ears (and eyes, mouth…).


People always ask me what the parents do when we go in to check on the pups. For the most part, they move away from us and sit in a far corner. It was no different today.

2062, mom, at the far end of the exhibit.
1803, dad, standing nearby 2062.


And when we’re all done, we let the pups back into the exhibit and all returns to normal quickly. Both pups ran up onto the cliff with their parents.

Next pup check is the middle of the month… more news then.


2247 sitting on the side of the cliff after. He weighed 10.15 Kg today.

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