Story from the Wolf Exhibit

The commentary below and series of photos are from Ranger Robert. Enjoy, in his words, what he experienced on July 23. (dad=M1803; mom=F2062; A=pup2246; B=pup2247)


This series starts with the wolves being given 2 beef knuckles, one of which was significantly larger than the other. Dad claimed it, but everyone else wanted it. Mom tried first and was quickly met with a firm “get back” and she quickly moved to the side and watched the drama unfold. The pups (presumably seeing their first beef knuckle) circled Dad’s perimeter, looking for an opening. B noticed Dad was totally focused on the knuckle and decided to move in. B did not notice Dad’s right ear starting to move towards him, until Dad’s ear is pointed straight at him and he flicks his tongue, 2 warning signs B missed. Then Dad loses it. With Dad distracted, A decides to try. Mistake. With Dad now dealing with A, B makes his escape to Mom. Dad leaves B with one final exclamation point, and the family gets the message and moves away, eventually going to the top of the cliff to sleep. Dad wasn’t done teaching though. He never really even ate on the knuckle at all. After about 45 minutes, the last pic shows him delivering his prize to the 2 delighted pups. Dad went to sleep, and Mom soon joined the pups and they worked that knuckle for a good 2 hours, until finally full and tired they fell asleep too. What an incredible scene!!

M1803 with knuckle bone
F2062 and pup approaching M1803 and the knuckle bone
Pups circling for bone access




really… TO CLOSE!
I really like this picture. It shows so much. A guarding dad, M1803. Pup 2246 belly up in the back being submissive. Mom, F2062 passive and pooping on the left, while pup 2247 attempts to get the knuckle bone.
M1803 still showing whose bone it is while everyone else stands down.
M1803 delivers the bone up the cliff for his family (and then he went and took a nap according to Ranger Robert)

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  1. cosina says:

    Thank you for the wonderful photos and narration ! It is so good to still see the male we call Moose in his new home 🙂

  2. Dawn White says:

    Moose the Amazing: he is a True Alpha all the way but he also is an amazing caretaker to his family. He always was able to so true love to his pups but demanded respect he deserved. We miss you moose at WCC but your daughter Charlotte has become as popular as her dad her pups are true red wolf pup rascals always up to something that lands them in unusual situations. They would love to learn from their grandfather.

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