Hollowed-out Log

Keeper Autumn salvaged the hollowed out log over one year ago and it has been a great hit at wolves ever since. We’ve seen the adult wolves in it as well as on it. We’ve seen pups in a den mostly under it and often in it. Ranger Robert shared these photos from the beginning of August. According to Robert, 2247 spends more time in the log than his brother. F2062, mom, is hanging out on top of the log.Read more

Check out our Lemurs

Check out the pictures of our ring-tailed lemurs. Ranger Robert sent them to me, and Keeper Autumn identified each photo for me. Per Autumn, “Dan is super easy because he has very large black circles around his eyes and they almost touch in the middle. Henri and Misa are the two with no zip ties so that narrows it down. I honestly just know them facially but Henri has a narrower snout and his collar is more chewed at theRead more

Story from the Wolf Exhibit

The commentary below and series of photos are from Ranger Robert. Enjoy, in his words, what he experienced on July 23. (dad=M1803; mom=F2062; A=pup2246; B=pup2247)   This series starts with the wolves being given 2 beef knuckles, one of which was significantly larger than the other. Dad claimed it, but everyone else wanted it. Mom tried first and was quickly met with a firm “get back” and she quickly moved to the side and watched the drama unfold. The pupsRead more

Name that Pup

Thanks again to Ranger Robert for sharing his photos of the wolves. Can you Identify the pup in each of the pictures below? You’ve got a 50% chance since there are only two. Five photos. Good Luck.    Read more