Check out our Lemurs

Check out the pictures of our ring-tailed lemurs. Ranger Robert sent them to me, and Keeper Autumn identified each photo for me. Per Autumn,

Dan is super easy because he has very large black circles around his eyes and they almost touch in the middle. Henri and Misa are the two with no zip ties so that narrows it down. I honestly just know them facially but Henri has a narrower snout and his collar is more chewed at the end. Cassandra I know by looking at her but she does has very short ears compared to the rest of them. The first Oliver picture I wasn’t 100% but all three pictures are of the same animal and once I could see more of his face  I knew it was him. has that angry look about him.”

Not sure where Satyrus or Maky were during this photo shoot.

Enjoy the photos.

Cassandra, our oldest lemur, and only female.
Oliver, hanging out in a tree.
Dan, doing some vocalizing in a tree
Misa, sitting on a log. I wonder if there is a tortoise behind that log!?
Henri, up on one of the climbing structures.
Dan ambulating across one of the ropes in the yard. Such great balance and dexterity.
Dan again. He’s sitting on a cooling pad. You may notice these blue pads in with a few of our animals when it’s hot out. The lemurs and rabbits just about always have them available in the summer.


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