Check out our Lemurs

Check out the pictures of our ring-tailed lemurs. Ranger Robert sent them to me, and Keeper Autumn identified each photo for me. Per Autumn, “Dan is super easy because he has very large black circles around his eyes and they almost touch in the middle. Henri and Misa are the two with no zip ties so that narrows it down. I honestly just know them facially but Henri has a narrower snout and his collar is more chewed at theRead more

Lemurs get new toys, too!

With the holidays comes gifts of new toys! Thanks to a few very generous people the animals have gotten a lot of fun surprises! The keepers have set up an Amazon wishlist for items we would like for the animals and items that just help us do our job! Recently, the lemurs got a new puzzle feeder. Since some of our lemurs are very old, I wasn’t sure if they would want to interact with this new item. I putRead more

QuikPic: Cassandra

Here is a great picture of Cassandra I took in the mid-afternoon recently. It was in the high 70’s and mostly cloudy, but as soon as the clouds parted,  she took full advantage of a great sun bathing spot!Read more

QuikPic: a college memory

When I left home for college (more than 25 years ago) my parents (my mom) had towels made for me with my name on it- one blue and one yellow, each with a script “Sherry” embroidered on it. Old towels never die, they just get re-purposed.  Read more

Photos from Explore the Wild

Lemurs- Cassandra having a bite to eat Lycus sitting between the shift door The beginning of station stump training Ring Tail!    Bears-   Gus laid out on a hot day, Yona is curled up close by I love seeing Mimi’s cute face each morningRead more

Cassandra explores the vet room

Ring Tailed Lemur training is going well! Here’s where we were last time Lemurs in Crates. Last week with  guidance from Julie Grimes and assistance from our Vet Keeper Katy, I let Cassandra, our female ring tailed lemur, out in the vet room. The idea was to let her out of her crate into a vet room cage. This is where she will spend a little time on the day of her physical. In training terms we are desensitizing herRead more