Check out our Lemurs

Check out the pictures of our ring-tailed lemurs. Ranger Robert sent them to me, and Keeper Autumn identified each photo for me. Per Autumn, “Dan is super easy because he has very large black circles around his eyes and they almost touch in the middle. Henri and Misa are the two with no zip ties so that narrows it down. I honestly just know them facially but Henri has a narrower snout and his collar is more chewed at theRead more

Radiated Tortoises now in the Lemur Yard!

Our five Radiated Tortoises can now be found in the lemur yard with the Ring-Tailed Lemurs! The tortoises don’t have access to the whole yard so look for them in the area sectioned off with logs. You’ll most likely see the tortoises munching on grass and other vegetation. They will be out in the exhibit yard until temperatures drop too low in the fall. They like it HOT so even on days the lemurs might need a break from theRead more

Dr. Vanderford dons the gown again

The Ring-tailed lemurs have been getting along well since the initial incidents with their introductions. ¬†(Hopefully Autumn will get some photos to share of the snuggling occurring).¬†That’s why we were very surprised to find Henri one day with his ear split. He, and the others, were all acting totally fine both before and after, but his ear did need to get sutured. Take a look:          Read more

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

What do Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and our Ring-Tailed Lemurs have in common? They are all artists, of course! We do all sorts of things to enrich the lives of our animals and sometimes we do stuff just for fun! It is great when they are one in the same! Our bachelor group of lemurs got to try their hand at painting!   How do we get our lemurs to paint you ask? Watch the video below to see!  Read more