Radiated Tortoises now in the Lemur Yard!

Our five Radiated Tortoises can now be found in the lemur yard with the Ring-Tailed Lemurs! The tortoises don’t have access to the whole yard so look for them in the area sectioned off with logs. You’ll most likely see the tortoises munching on grass and other vegetation. They will be out in the exhibit yard until temperatures drop too low in the fall. They like it HOT so even on days the lemurs might need a break from the heat–our tortoises will still be on exhibit!

Tortoises munching on grass on their first day in the lemur yard!

You may hear the lemurs alarm calling or making a “clicking” noise. Alarm calling is very loud and alerts troop members to a possible threat. The clicking sound means that something new is happening and the lemurs should pay attention. We think it will take a few days for the lemurs to get completely comfortable with the tortoises in their space. The tortoises seem not to care about the lemurs at all. Hopefully, by next week both species are comfortable with their new enclosure mates! Stop by the lemur exhibit and see if you can spot all seven lemurs and all five tortoises!

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