What’s Behind the Locker Room Door…

I’m thinking of creating a recurring post titled “WHAT’S BEHIND THE DOOR?” This will be my third post about surprises I have found on other sides of doors. What do you think? Good idea? (post #1, here, and post #2, here).   Anyway, I opened up our Locker Room Door and found this:  Read more

Last Pup Check complete

The last pup check on the red wolf pups is complete. The next planned handling will be for the fall physicals for all the red wolves. The pups aren’t really pups anymore. It happens. It happened last year, and no surprise that it happened this year. They are starting to fill into their body and each weigh over 30 pounds. You can get a feel for how big they are now by looking at Autumn holding once of them inRead more

Check out our Lemurs

Check out the pictures of our ring-tailed lemurs. Ranger Robert sent them to me, and Keeper Autumn identified each photo for me. Per Autumn, “Dan is super easy because he has very large black circles around his eyes and they almost touch in the middle. Henri and Misa are the two with no zip ties so that narrows it down. I honestly just know them facially but Henri has a narrower snout and his collar is more chewed at theRead more

Pup Check Complete

Only one more scheduled pup check is left. The last one went very well. The first team went and got the pups quickly from the yard into the den. From there we crated the pups. The pups are so big now (each about 10 Kg) that we put them in a large crate together and took them out to our work area. A lot had to be done during this check-up. Two dewormers, the last vaccine, general check up, andRead more

Baby (and dog) Update.

You know Autumn was out on maternity leave, and now back. Leslie, from our communications department and Diet-prep helper, also had a wonderful end to last year. She and her husband welcomed Quinn before the new year. Both Autumn and Leslie shared pictures of their human and canine kid. Enjoy.    Read more

Autumn Update

The last post from Autumn, about Mimi’s behavior, will be her last for awhile. Autumn will be home for the next few months with Bella, her daughter, born the end of October. Bella weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 21 inches long at birth. We wish Autumn and her family the best and look forward to having Autumn back next year.Read more