Last Pup Check complete

The last pup check on the red wolf pups is complete. The next planned handling will be for the fall physicals for all the red wolves. The pups aren’t really pups anymore. It happens. It happened last year, and no surprise that it happened this year. They are starting to fill into their body and each weigh over 30 pounds. You can get a feel for how big they are now by looking at Autumn holding once of them in the banner photo above.

The boys weigh the same. 2247 caught up to his brother at the last weigh in.13.9 Kg for pup 2247 and 13.85 Kg for pup 2246. Vaccines finished up, and rabies shots were given today. Microchips were confirmed still in place as well. Both pups had all areas checked “within normal limits”, including noting two descended testicles on each pup.

In all the photos, Autumn is handling 2247 and Janine is handling 2246.

Autumn attempts to get 2247 situated in the weighing container.
Dr Vanderford listening
Rabies vaccine given on the right side by Dr. Vanderford as Janine hold 2246
Head shot on pup 2246

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