Flashback Friday

M2246 and M2247 are grown up now, however they grew up at the Museum so we have baby pics to share! Five weeks old might be my favorite age for red wolf pups. Not a whole lot of sleeping going on in the middle of the night. Watch closely in the first video as F2062 grabs a snack (rat). She deserves a 2 AM snack as she sure puts up with a lot from her boys. Enjoy the videos (I’ll postRead more

Brother Wolves: 2246 & 2247

I can’t keep calling M2246 and M2247 pups. They haven’t been pups for many many months. However, they were pups born at the Museum on April 20, 2018 and, unlike with the pups born in 2017, are still here almost one year later. All these pictures of our juveniles are from mid January. The boys are almost full grown with just a little more weight to put on over the next few months. When they were born, 2246 was largerRead more

Last Pup Check complete

The last pup check on the red wolf pups is complete. The next planned handling will be for the fall physicals for all the red wolves. The pups aren’t really pups anymore. It happens. It happened last year, and no surprise that it happened this year. They are starting to fill into their body and each weigh over 30 pounds. You can get a feel for how big they are now by looking at Autumn holding once of them inRead more