Pupdate # 10

Ranger Emily got some great video this past week of the pups on the move! And, when I say “on the move”, I mean on the move. They’ve been walking up the cliff, walking (and sometimes sliding) down the cliff, moving from den to den to den to den…. I think last night they slept in a den high up on the cliff face to the right of the main dens! (exciting and a bit concerning all at the same time).

At five weeks old the pups are also starting to eat. We’ll get more video to share, but in the meantime we’ve put out new food bowls. The bowls are lower to the ground so pups can reach them. Mom had other ideas about the bowls…

wolf with black food bowl in mouth
The female wolf, 1858, took the food bowl all the way up to the cliff ridge. Thanks mom!



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