Another Alligator Adventure

Roughly every 2 years, we say goodbye to our exhibit and education gators and hello to a few new ones. It is that time of year once again! The Museum has an agreement with Alligator Adventure in South Carolina where we pick up a few hatchlings or small yearlings, raise them up big and strong, and return them when their size has made our exhibit in Carolina Wildlife a little too cramped. Here’s a blog post Sherry did a fewRead more

Our animals modeling for an art show

A friend and former Museum Educator, Rebecca Dotterer, has an art show at the NC Botanical Gardens until the end of the month. Several of our animals at the Museum modeled for Rebecca’s artwork. Several years ago, our spotted salamander was the model for the Eno Festival T-shirt. Check some of the artwork out below, or head to the NC Botanical Gardens to see the complete show through the end of the month.    Read more

Spotlight: Educator Steve

This is Steve- he’s one of our educators at the Museum He bikes to work on his unicycle! Before I go on, Steve is the one who came up with the name “Pupdate” for the updates on the wolf pups. Check out all the Pupdates, here, here, here, and don’t miss here or here. (And the two newest ones here and here). I spent a lot of time with Steve and some of his teammates over the past year while IRead more

Alligator Noises!

Did you know that juvenile American alligators have a specific sound they make to call their moms? Female alligators are very protective of their babies and will guard or relocate them for at least several months and possibly as long as 2 years! Here’s Troy, our education gator, chirping:Read more

What’s been going on here

We’ve been staffed sparsely for the past week so people could have some time off for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope everyone had a wonderful few days with family, friends, pets, or alone. With not many keepers around, there’s been little time to sit and update you on life here. With that said, here are a few photos to share about some of the things that have been going on here: I’ve been training Jessi to handle Phoebe, our education alligator.Read more

Quiz: alligator physical notes

Below is an excerpt from the May 10th Vet Rounds with Dr. Vanderford. See if you understand what’s written. Do you know what the abbreviations stand for? (g, Kg, PE, WNL)? Do you know what “rostral” means? **Physicals 1029g Alligator #1 3.28 kg – fecal negative. PE WNL 1155g Alligator #2 2.92 kg – fecal negative.  Thickened rostral mandible with missing teeth. Small sore on rostral mandible. 1310g Alligator #3 3.68 kg – fecal negative.  Small sore rostral mandible withRead more