Quiz: alligator physical notes

Below is an excerpt from the May 10th Vet Rounds with Dr. Vanderford. See if you understand what’s written. Do you know what the abbreviations stand for? (g, Kg, PE, WNL)? Do you know what “rostral” means?


1029g Alligator #1 3.28 kg fecal negative. PE WNL

1155g Alligator #2 2.92 kgfecal negative.  Thickened rostral mandible with missing teeth. Small sore on rostral mandible.

1310g Alligator #3 3.68 kg fecal negative.  Small sore rostral mandible with some missing teeth. Trauma due to capture

206g Alligator #4 (ed) 1495g – fecal negative. PE WNL

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