Quiz: Who am I? –Answer

It’s Misha! Our Red-tailed Hawk. We had a couple warm days recently and I brought Misha down to the Butterfly House patio to spend some time warming his feathers in the sun. He promptly fluffed up and took a nap on the back of a bench. You might notice the grey or white cast his feathers seem to have. While this isn’t the greatest cell phone photo, his feathers have indeed turned grey and white as he’s aged. Misha isRead more

What is this thing? -Answer

The original quiz post is linked here. It’s a chestnut from Lightning’s front leg! Donkeys and Zebras have chestnuts only on the inside of their front legs, while most breeds of horses have them on both front and rear legs. Scientists believe chestnuts are vestigial remnants of toes, wrist pads or scent glands that equine have evolved without. They are areas of thickened skin that painlessly shed a few layers over time. It’s often thought that the skin prints visibleRead more

Volunteer Quiz

Name these volunteers: Yes, it is a back shot, so even the Keepers might have a hard time identifying the volunteers. I’ve only written about one of them before, so to be fair maybe you will only get one out of three correct (although I do have higher expectations for any Keepers reading this post). I took the picture initially to show of the great shirts we have for our committed department volunteers. The front shot is below— don’t scrollRead more