6 responses to Get Off my Back

  1. HRvdB says:

    Hard to tell can’t see his/her face . So let’s go with Gus and a bunch of Bear Chow stuck to his fur.

  2. HRvdB says:

    Half right, okay I still think it’s Bear Chow. Which bear was the issue, don’t think it’s Virginia, so let’s go with Mimi then.

  3. Sherry Samuels says:

    ooooohh… so close, but again, only half right.
    You should now know the answer -assuming you’re right about the chow (which you are).

  4. Hrvdb says:

    Okay here goes: Yona and Bear Chow. If this guess is wrong, then I owe a bear an apology on my next visit to visit my favorite keeper.

  5. Sherry Samuels says:

    YAY!. I was impressed you got the bear chow on the first guess. Yona had slept on a pile of chow in the house and it stayed stuck on her for a bit.
    Thanks for playing!

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