Wolf Transfer Review: The Actual Physical

Here’s the final post about our Wolf Transfer Day. Like with all the other parts of the of the day, we did lots of prep and planning to make sure our actual hands-on work with the wolves went as smooth as possible. Physical sheets, sample bags, blood tubes, vaccinations, emergency drugs, cool down materials, towels, and more, were all readied ahead of time. A verbal review of our plan also took place- several times. We already talked a lot aboutRead more

This year’s wolf physicals complete

This year’s wolf physicals are done. All wolves and people did great. It went a lot like last year and starts with lots and lots of planning. (click here to read about last year’s physicals) The first phase of work is catching up our wolves from the yard. Working in our wolf yard and along the cliff is a bit daunting. As with the pup checks all summer long, both pups ran into the den rather quickly. After which, weRead more

Wolf on the table

October is wolf physical month. This is the one time of year we get our hands on the wolves and check them out. We were particularly looking forward to getting the male, 1414, on the table. He is huge (almost 80 pounds) and he came to us with a growth on the side of his body that we wanted to look at and remove. Since 1414 arrived in November 2012, this was our first experience with him for a physical.Read more

What was happening there?

I recently posted a drawing and asked you to tell me what was happening here. Many of you commented, but no one was exactly right. The above drawing was indeed of a bear- Gus to be specific. The round dot on his back was his puff of matted hair. I did not think the puff was drawn accurately (unlike the rest of the drawing) so I added the “dart”, “spike-like” projection out of the back.  There is no way IRead more

Quiz: alligator physical notes

Below is an excerpt from the May 10th Vet Rounds with Dr. Vanderford. See if you understand what’s written. Do you know what the abbreviations stand for? (g, Kg, PE, WNL)? Do you know what “rostral” means? **Physicals 1029g Alligator #1 3.28 kg – fecal negative. PE WNL 1155g Alligator #2 2.92 kg – fecal negative.  Thickened rostral mandible with missing teeth. Small sore on rostral mandible. 1310g Alligator #3 3.68 kg – fecal negative.  Small sore rostral mandible withRead more

Lemur Physicals

Last week Dr. Vanderford was here for vet rounds. The ring tailed lemurs got their physicals. Cassandra had her brush with death over the summer, and is doing AMAZINGLY WELL- you would never know there were any issues! A couple photos below from Dr. Vanderford cleaning Casandra’s teeth. All three ring tailed lemurs were checked out and are doing well. It’s no huge surprise that Lycus, our oldest and 25 year old ring tailed lemur, has some teeth worn down.Read more