What’s been going on here

We’ve been staffed sparsely for the past week so people could have some time off for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope everyone had a wonderful few days with family, friends, pets, or alone. With not many keepers around, there’s been little time to sit and update you on life here. With that said, here are a few photos to share about some of the things that have been going on here:

I’ve been training Jessi to handle Phoebe, our education alligator.

Jennifer Armstrong (who helped smash up pumpkins during Pumpkin Fest 2012) checked out the trees over the fish stream and waterfall in Carolina Wildlife. We’re making a plan to clean them and add more.


I had a really bad splinter in my left thumb. I’m a lefty, and could not dig it out. Jennifer and Marilyn tried, but they were unsuccessful. After a few days, Annie was able to get it out for me –  it was about 4 mm long and I was relieved to have it out.

Annie gets out my splinter

I’ve been preparing for an emergency drill –  this one will focus on a bear escape/recapture. Kristen found this bear and donated it to the training cause. Big Big Bear lives at my house. ( I have another bear named Big Bear and this bear is bigger than the other, hence the name Big Big Bear)

Big Big Bear. I bring her in for drills.

And finally, a little quiz for you. Below is the picture I took when we released our new male red wolf, 1414, into the wolf exhibit. How many of the people below can you name?


4 responses to What’s been going on here

  1. Ranger Ro says:

    (Left to right) Aaron, Marilyn, Kent, Jessi, Sarah, Jill, and Katy. I’m just unsure about the three at the fence.

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      that’s ’cause the three at the fence were volunteer Max, and Vet Tech Anna and her husband. Well done Ro- thanks for playing.

  2. Mike Fink says:

    Last time I helped with bear escape training, Kent wanted to use the tranquilizer on me…best training ever..

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