Behind the Scenes in Carolina Wildlife

Keeper Mary is great at sending me pictures or videos of the animals. Thanks Mary. (Videos of some of our animals can be seen here or here). This past week she sent me the following photos. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do. Mary was cleaning box turtle’s home behind the scenes and came across this. She shared the  photo with the mother of the children and she was very appreciative! Keepers arrive on grounds earlyRead more

Carolina Wildlife work continues… thanks Michele

We’re plugging away at the repairs in Carolina Wildlife.  The Keepers are working hard moving and managing animals everyday. It’s a lot to manage! Michele, the Exhibit Project Lead on this, literally jumped in and was seen everywhere this past week. Painting begins next week, with more exhibit repair. The first batch of fish arrived today. They are very little, and more will come soon, but you’ll be able to see fish again when Carolina Wildlife reopens!Read more

Carolina Wildlife repairs

Carolina Wildlife, the Museum’s oldest exhibit area, is closed for a few weeks while we take care of a bunch of maintenance work. Numerous repairs to exhibits along with some painting and carpeting changes are underway. The next few weeks will be interesting behind the scenes as we manage the work- and the animals. The muskrat exhibit is leaking in a few spots. Pipe repairs, window sealing, den rebuilding, and wall replacement are in the works. We’re brightening up whatRead more

Welcome to our new Skunk

Meet Florian, our five-year old striped skunk (formerly known as hunk-the-skunk who was rescued by CLAWS). Florian, meaning “Flower” in Latin, is the first skunk we’ve had here since Flower, our old female skunk, died over 10 years ago. (She was well-loved and it seemed appropriate to have him named after her). CLAWS had Florian since December, when a home was needed for him after his last location. The folks at CLAWS worked long and hard to get some weightRead more

Superworms need enrichment too!

One night I was closing Carolina Wildlife and I was checking on all the animals.  I started to walk past the superworms when I saw that they had a structure in their container. Our crickets, superworms and mealworms all get a regular diet just like our other animals do.  But, if we have food scrapes that none of the other animals would want, then we give it to the feeder animals (which are animals that end up being a mealRead more

Big Word of the Month: Refraction

Check out this photo Keeper Elaina took of our mud turtle and water snake! Notice something odd about the turtle’s head? There’s nothing wrong with our little mud turtle, he didn’t get decapitated just prior to this photo being taken! His head looks detached from his body for another –less macabre– reason: refraction. Refraction is why, when you look through or into water, objects aren’t exactly where you expect them to be. Light travels at different speeds through solids, liquidsRead more