Behind the Scenes in Carolina Wildlife

Keeper Mary is great at sending me pictures or videos of the animals. Thanks Mary. (Videos of some of our animals can be seen here or here). This past week she sent me the following photos. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.

Mary was cleaning box turtle’s home behind the scenes and came across this. She shared the  photo with the mother of the children and she was very appreciative!

box turtle and kids
Two kids in Carolina Wildlife check out our box turtle and our box turtle seems to eagerly reciprocate.

Keepers arrive on grounds early in the morning and have a lot to do before we open to guests. Often, prior to opening at 10:00, we let some of our indoor animals that have smaller homes get out and about in Carolina Wildlife. Chandler had supervised time roaming Carolina Wildlife yesterday. Seems to me like the animals on both side of the door were interested in the interaction.

Notice anything special about Chandler? Look closely…. what’s missing?


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