Behind the Scenes in Carolina Wildlife

Keeper Mary is great at sending me pictures or videos of the animals. Thanks Mary. (Videos of some of our animals can be seen here or here). This past week she sent me the following photos. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do. Mary was cleaning box turtle’s home behind the scenes and came across this. She shared the  photo with the mother of the children and she was very appreciative! Keepers arrive on grounds earlyRead more

QuikPic: Box turtle B

Box Turtle “B” loves to grab onto things when he walks around the room. I am not sure why he is doing this behavior, but a lot of times when he does this it usually ends up with him trying to breed with the object.  Sometimes he will do this to my shoe and it makes for interesting times.Read more

On top of the world…well the hide structure actually…

All of the animals at the museum get enrichment…here are few posts about enrichment.  There are many times where we make awesome enrichment that we think the animals will enjoy but it turns out they are uninterested.  Then there are the times when they are interested in the enrichment which means picture time. In the picture below, one of our Box Turtles is enriching himself despite us providing different types of enrichment.   As long as they are interacting with theirRead more