Another Alligator Adventure

Roughly every 2 years, we say goodbye to our exhibit and education gators and hello to a few new ones. It is that time of year once again!

The Museum has an agreement with Alligator Adventure in South Carolina where we pick up a few hatchlings or small yearlings, raise them up big and strong, and return them when their size has made our exhibit in Carolina Wildlife a little too cramped. Here’s a blog post Sherry did a few years ago on a past exchange (

Keepers Janine and Aaron packed the big gators up in travel boxes in the early morning and Keeper Katie and I drove the van down to Myrtle Beach.

We met up with Ken, the director, who carted our fantastic foursome off to their new home and introduced us to the little ones.

man pulling cart with 4 large containers with alligators inside

Katie picked out our new trio while Ken and I filled out some paperwork. 

The awesome staff at Alligator Adventure kept our new charges comfortable for a few minutes so Katie and I could do a quick loop and see their facility.

Highlights of our trip: Katie gave a giant tortoise some love and moments later met her first Eurasian Eagle owls, we were both completely awed and maybe a little enamored with Utan, a 2,000 pound, 18-foot long crocodile, we both giggled at the alligator wearing a turtle for a backpack, and I may have started building plans to smuggle home their miniature donkey and mini jersey bull.


Next time you’re at the museum, be sure to stop by Carolina Wildlife and welcome the trio to their new home. If you’re visiting on a Thursday, you may be lucky enough to see them eat at the 4pm Reptile program!

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