1803: meet our incoming male red wolf

You learned last week that our current red wolf family will be moving out and that we’d be getting new red wolves in November.

Our next male red wolf will be coning to us from the Wolf Conservation Center in NY. My friend from the Wolf Conservation Center in NY sent me these beautiful photos of M1803. He’s 7 years old (born May 6, 2010) and has sired two litters of pups back in 2014 and 2015. I’ve been told he’s huge (72-78 pounds) and a GREAT DAD.

The summer photos are from 2016 and the winter photos are the year before that.


and here he is with family


1803 in the center with two of his offspring
1803 on the left, with family

7 responses to 1803: meet our incoming male red wolf

  1. Katie Weeks says:

    He looks both incredibly magestic, regal, and so dopey at the same time.

  2. VV says:

    His name is Moose, or through the years we’ve called him Grump/Grumpy. Our American Red Wolf King! Congrats Museum of Wildlife and Science. (y)

  3. Luann Watson says:

    He is an awesome wolf. Will miss following him at WCC but so happy for him to have a chance at finding new love and siring more pups.

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Good question Marjie. Part of the SSP planning meeting is to make sure all wolves our paired. Any single wolves or wolves to be repaired were slated for mates after the meeting. 1803 was scheduled for a new mate this year.

  4. janet kaehler says:

    Salty (his Mate) passed away in 2016. He was slated for a mate in 2017 but unfortunately there was no love match.

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