Pupdate #20… there is good in goodbyes

Dad, M1784, with a couple of his two-month old pups. I love that one pup has the tail of another in his mouth.

Last month I posted an update about the red wolf SSP meeting and mentioned that we would have final news in September about our red wolves’ status for the coming year. The breeding and transfer plan is set and I have news to share…

Our entire red wolf family, pups and parents, will be heading out. Difficult, emotional, exciting, and overwhelming are just some of the words that come to mind for me.

Mom, F1858, with two of her pups (just over two months old)

We, the Red Wolf SSP, made the final decision that it would be best for the family to stay together and hopefully the parents will breed again next year. We also know that it’s best to have the family in an exhibit area that has more space. Fortunately, we were able to come up with a plan that made all of this possible. Our family will be heading to the Wolf Conservation Center in NY where they will live in an exhibit over an acre in size (about the size of our bear exhibit). WCC is an amazing facility that does nothing but wolves!

Male red wolf with pups
Dad, M1784, with three pups. They are just about four weeks old and starting to come out of the den.

I know many people have become incredibly attached to the pups and invested in the family. I am one of those people. I cannot think of a better decision for these particular wolves and the red wolf species in general. Yes, I’ll miss the family, but I know that the Museum is just temporary housing for any red wolf we are lucky enough to have here.

4 red wolf pups in net
Just about five weeks old

I’ve been fortunate to care for over 35 red wolves throughout the years. Each wolf, breeding pair, pup, or family has its own story and gift to me (and the Museum). I look forward to many more stories in the future. And, as far as future, I’ll update you on what wolves will call the Museum their home next week.

Please, ask your questions and I’ll try to answer them.

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