Pupdate #22- all grown up and heading out.

I mentioned last week the red wolves would be leaving (still true). We’ve got just 4 more days with them here. When you come to see them make sure you are prepared to see full-grown wolves (just a little skinnier). Take a look at them now (pictures below were taken one month ago on October 7). .Read more

Pupdate #20… there is good in goodbyes

Last month I posted an update about the red wolf SSP meeting and mentioned that we would have final news in September about our red wolves’ status for the coming year. The breeding and transfer plan is set and I have news to share… Our entire red wolf family, pups and parents, will be heading out. Difficult, emotional, exciting, and overwhelming are just some of the words that come to mind for me. We, the Red Wolf SSP, made the finalRead more

Saying Goodbye.

As many of you may know we lost our Red Ruffed matriarch, Cynthia, last spring. It was unexpected and a very hard loss for us keepers. However, she was 35 years old and had lived a great life. She had 17 offspring in her lifetime and was in the first generation of captive born Red Ruffed Lemurs. Iris, one of her two daughters that lived with her at the Museum, had been diagnosed with renal disease about 2 1/2 years ago.Read more


After 3 years of fun here I’m happy, sad, nervous, anxious, and excited to say farewell to the Animal Department. I’m going from this–   To This-   Okay,  I’m not watching the cutie above but I will be watching two little girls in Chapel Hill. We will be frequent visitors here at the Museum, which means I don’t have to say goodbye to anyone.   And I’ll still be training but instead of this-   I’ll be training this-Read more

Farewell Mikey

Blog readers all over the world are in mourning because Mikey will be leaving the Museum. Maybe with enough comments we can convince him to stay on board as a guest blogger. 🙂 Mikey is heading to Greensboro to more intensely pursue his Master’s degree. He’s been taking one class each semester, which would put him on track for completion somewhere around 2020- a bit longer than desired.  We’ll miss his sense of humor, his big smile, his passion forRead more

See you on the other side of the fence!

So if you’ve seen me around Museum grounds lately, you’ll notice my profile is looking a little different these days! Yep, in April, I will become  a very different kind of “animal keeper”!! Our female wolf was just in heat, and since red wolves have a 63 day gestation period, I keep thinking how cool it would be if she got pregnant and we gave birth on the same day!  Seems unlikely though, since in all of our observations, theRead more