Another Alligator Adventure

Roughly every 2 years, we say goodbye to our exhibit and education gators and hello to a few new ones. It is that time of year once again! The Museum has an agreement with Alligator Adventure in South Carolina where we pick up a few hatchlings or small yearlings, raise them up big and strong, and return them when their size has made our exhibit in Carolina Wildlife a little too cramped. Here’s a blog post Sherry did a fewRead more

Come see the babies

On Thursday I spent most of the day in a car, driving back and forth to Alligator Adventure in South Carolina. Our Alligators are on loan from them, and when the alligators get too big for our exhibit we take them back and exchange them for smaller ones. It was two years ago that I made the same drive, to exchange our previous ‘gators for these ones that I just drove back.     So now, when you come toRead more

Thanksgiving Week.

On Monday I drove to South Carolina to swap our alligators for smaller ones. Aaron and I arrived at the Museum around 5 AM to catch-up our current alligators. We use under-the-bed storage containers for transport. Our alligators are all less than 4 feet in length:  Drilling air holes and duct taping the container works great for transporting our alligators. Our Alligators are on loan to us from Alligator Adventure. When ours get too big for their exhibit or holdingRead more