Red Wolf SSP meeting 2011

I head out next week for the annual Red Wolf SSP meeting. Every July I head to the master plan meeting for the red wolf species survival plan. This is when people from institutions that have red wolves get together and talk about “red wolf stuff”. It’s at this meeting when we typically learn what wolves we’ll have next year.

some of my red wolf SSP friends, and me.

I’ve probably spent part of my July for the last 10+ years with many of the same people who are passionate about red wolves. It’s always nice to reconnect in person with old friends who love to talk about poop quality and bizarre red wolf behavior.

Check out posts about previous year’s meetings below, and ask any questions you may have. I’ll report back from Roanoke or soon after I return.

The 2010 meeting was in Springfield, Illinois. It’s well worth reading  about last year’s meeting and my interesting trip home. In 2009 the meeting was in Tacoma Washington. We met in Chattanooga Tennessee in 2008 and talked about all sorts of interesting things.

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