Red Wolf SSP meeting- I’m back

I told you a couple weeks ago I was heading out to the Red Wolf SSP meeting. I’ll cut right to the chase this year. (Last year you got to first learn about everything EXCEPT wolves). We’ll be keeping our two red wolves and hoping they make some babies. My main job on┬áday two,┬áduring the “matchmaking” and “moving” stage, is to document what is going on on big paper for all to see. I write down what breeding pairs haveRead more

Red Wolf SSP meeting 2011

I head out next week for the annual Red Wolf SSP meeting. Every July I head to the master plan meeting for the red wolf species survival plan. This is when people from institutions that have red wolves get together and talk about “red wolf stuff”. It’s at this meeting when we typically learn what wolves we’ll have next year. I’ve probably spent part of my July for the last 10+ years with many of the same people who areRead more