Pet worms

We order Superworms to feed to our critters. That’s right, the are called “Superworms”.  They are big, and they are not really worms, but rather a larval stage of a beetle.

A bill came in last week, and instead of saying “superworms” it said “PET” mealworms. Volunteer Annie specifically does not spend anytime with the superworms as she gets attached and has even named them. She’ll be amused to see that someone else thinks of them as “pets” too.

2 responses to Pet worms

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      That’s harsh Erin. There’s got to be something less desirable than a super worm. A nematode? A tick? (although Jill i s raising an incredible mother tick in a jar, so maybe not a tick).

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