Pet worms

We order Superworms to feed to our critters. That’s right, the are called “Superworms”.  They are big, and they are not really worms, but rather a larval stage of a beetle. A bill came in last week, and instead of saying “superworms” it said “PET” mealworms. Volunteer Annie specifically does not spend anytime with the superworms as she gets attached and has even named them. She’ll be amused to see that someone else thinks of them as “pets” too.Read more

Worm on a string

Were I a bearded dragon, my chin would not be turning black with anger/ excitement but instead, red with embarrassment. You see, a couple of weeks ago, we determined that we needed to be extra vigilant about making sure Godzilla was getting enough exercise.  We have been a little worried about his back legs and keeping them in good, active shape. He is an animal that by nature tends to sit and bask a lot, and by upbringing sits aroundRead more