Poetry and so much more

Whenever someone gets hurt by a Museum animal, we write a report. It’s a record so we can make sure safety procedures are followed, note any patterns, and adjust procedures accordingly.

Scout, our duck that lives in the Farmyard, is known, at times, for nipping at the legs of his caretakers. Sarah mentioned in our staff meeting that Scout  nipped at Intern Julia’s leg, and broke no skin. I told Sarah I looked forward to reading her Haiku and Sonnet report of the incident. Little did I know that she would take me up on both.


A summer duck bite:
a volunteer’s calf was bruised,
no Band-Aid needed

English (Shakespearean) Sonnet Form:
On Tuesday last, the morning sun did shine,
the small, white duck had wagged his feathered tail.
Bright morning light disturbed his slumber time,
and brought with it a world of screams and yells.

The steer had moo-ed for hay and purple shirts,
for hours before the Gator would arrive.
It’s not a wonder that the duck was curt,
he hadn’t slept a wink since half-past five!

Then when the intern showed up at his door,
he flapped and hissed and bit with rage abound.
He simply could not take anymore
his pent up anger must escape somehow.

I know the lack of sleep can make your whole day suck,
but when you’re Scout, you just don’t give a duck

4 responses to Poetry and so much more

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m thinking Nobel Prize (Literature) for the Haiku and Rhysling Prize for the Sonnet. I’ll share my winnings with Ducky, of course…I wonder how many superworms a half-million dollars can buy…

  2. Sherry says:

    Nobel literature prize? Is this not grand enough for the Nobel Peace prize?!?

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