Another post from our invertebrate specialist, Rachael Knight.  It’s a must read for cicada lovers!

When Ranger Greg wrote about the Magicicadas last May, I couldn’t wait to get out to the Eno and experience it for myself.  I was especially intrigued by Robin’s comment:  “…when you pick one up it growls at you!”  The idea of a growling insect was amusing to me, so I grabbed the camera and went out to see if I could capture the phenomenon.  It didn’t take me long to locate one, but it didn’t make any noise when I picked it up.  I encouraged it by squeezing it lightly with my fingers.  I wouldn’t describe the sound it made as growling, but the way its whole body vibrated was still quite cute.  I was impressed with the performance until my dog started pestering one of our annual cicadas in the yard the other day.  I’ve never seen an insect sputter, shout, buzz and flail about so wildly and loudly as this little guy did.  Now that was a show I wish I’d been filming!



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  1. Bobbi Jo says:

    Jason found a live one on his walk one day and showed it to Evan. That brave little guy even held it and checked it all out before it flew away. I’m so proud of my future nature-lover!

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