What a day!

The day is done- it’s midnight, or a few minutes after, so the day is finally over and it’s Wednesday! The short story is there is too much going on!  We learned late Monday that construction on our walk-in freezer would start Tuesday morning. The Keepers quickly emptied out the room and stored all the freezers on the hall to start the day. Then we got a couple truckloads of Farmyard bedding. Tuesday was also Vet. Rounds, so Dr. Vanderford was here. Kristen stopped by with Libby to say hi too!

Dr. Vanderford holds Mason, while Annie holds Libby

Ladybelle, one of our ferrets, was vomiting the end of last week and radiographs showed a mass in her abdomen. Dr. Erik Clary, a board certified surgeon, came by in the afternoon for surgery. We’re so thankful to Dr. Clary for donating his time for Ladybelle’s surgery! We’re hoping the biopsy and other tests come back with good news.

The end of ferret surgery.

Also, our alligators are heading back to South Carolina to be swapped out for smaller ones. I picked them up about two years ago. It’s time to head back to Alligator Adventure, return the alligators to them and have them loan us four more. We packed them up so I wouldn’t have to do it at 4 AM.

under-the-bed storage containers work great for transporting alligators!

Ladybelle needs to be checked on so Katy came back at 10 PM to help with treatments.

Ladybelle in her warm box to sleep in



Katy’s PJ bottoms! (very cute)


I’ll be back in 5 hours to pick up the alligators and take off for SC.  (Karyn is coming to keep me company and she’ll probably tweet about our travels).

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