What a day!

The day is done- it’s midnight, or a few minutes after, so the day is finally over and it’s Wednesday! The short story is there is too much going on!  We learned late Monday that construction on our walk-in freezer would start Tuesday morning. The Keepers quickly emptied out the room and stored all the freezers on the hall to start the day. Then we got a couple truckloads of Farmyard bedding. Tuesday was also Vet. Rounds, so Dr. Vanderford wasRead more

Creature Feature: Ladybelle the ferret

Ladybelle came to live at the museum in September 2010, and was donated to us by a private owner. She was already 5 years old when we acquired her, because she was born in August 2005. She lives in the Education Holding Room (EHR) behind the scenes and is used for birthday parties and educational classes. She is great at being handled, so she makes for a wonderful animal that children can pet. But like most ferrets, once you putRead more

Kristen chimes in…

…about the previous posts. ( I could have left comments on each post, but I’d rather abuse my blog authorship privileges!!) Here’s our new ferret LadyBelle (previously named Tinkerbell) Just how many ferrets named Tinkerbell do you think are out there in the world? Karyn, our newest blogger, rocks as much as that landslide at wolves in the volunteer department! I hope she’ll post her ‘Auggie in the sheep yard’ video! I ( and by I, I mean Mikey) leftRead more

“How interesting!”…

… as Kristen would say. That was the phrase she used when she found out a little tidbit about our newest animal arrival this past Friday.  Apparently our new ferret was previously named Tinkerbell, but we had to change her name to LadyBelle because we already had a Tinkerbell ferret here before! Now, we seem to just have an unsaid rule that you can’t give another animal a previous animal’s name…. at least not if the animal is the sameRead more