Creature Feature: Ladybelle the ferret

Ladybelle came to live at the museum in September 2010, and was donated to us by a private owner. She was already 5 years old when we acquired her, because she was born in August 2005. She lives in the Education Holding Room (EHR) behind the scenes and is used for birthday parties and educational classes. She is great at being handled, so she makes for a wonderful animal that children can pet. But like most ferrets, once you put her on the floor she will quickly start exploring and possibly even get into some mischief! Domestic ferrets are typically inquisitive and playful animals (when they’re not sleeping, which they do a lot of), but Ladybelle isn’t quite as rambunctious as some of our previous ferrets. Yet, it’s still fun to watch her in action during her afternoon exercise time. She has to be constantly monitored by a keeper or volunteer when she is on the floor, to make sure she doesn’t get into anything she’s not supposed to!

Here’s a video of Ladybelle while she explores the animal support hall behind the scenes (sorry about the poor quality of the video). You may be able to meet Ladybelle yourself at your next birthday party or inside a classroom while you’re on a school field trip!

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