Creature Feature: Ladybelle the ferret

Ladybelle came to live at the museum in September 2010, and was donated to us by a private owner. She was already 5 years old when we acquired her, because she was born in August 2005. She lives in the Education Holding Room (EHR) behind the scenes and is used for birthday parties and educational classes. She is great at being handled, so she makes for a wonderful animal that children can pet. But like most ferrets, once you putRead more

Creature Feature: Salt the chinchilla

I stole this picture from one of Erin’s previous posts, but it was just so cute I figured why attempt to get a better one?  Salt was born at the museum in December 2002 with his brother, Pepper. Their parents were named Chili and Argentina, and they lived at the museum for several years, as well. Salt lives in our education holding room (EHR) off exhibit with Pepper, where they share an enclosure together. They are both used for educationalRead more

CreatureFeature: Sherry the Head Honcho

Sherry has written a spotlight post on all of the keepers, so now it’s time for us to do a feature on her. A “CreatureFeature” will have to do because it would feel wrong to steal her “Spotlight” thunder.  Sherry’s worked at the Museum for 17 years! She’s our Animal Department Director and has a great sense of humor, so hopefully she will not be too embarrassed by the hilarity the keepers wanted to share about her. Sherry’s hair aloneRead more

Creature Feature: Cher the opossum

This beautiful opossum is Cher! She lives on exhibit with her brother, Sonny, in Carolina Wildlife. In the picture above, she was in a tub of random enrichment items that was on the support hall. She had climbed into it during her exercise time while her exhibit was being cleaned. Cher (along with her brother, Sonny) was born in March of 2009 and arrived at the museum in late April. Both of the opossums were found motherless when they wereRead more

Creature Feature: 1 3/4 wing barred owl

This is 1 3/4 Wing Barred Owl. She came to the museum in August of 1989, and was already an adult, so she is over 20 years old! When she arrived, she already had part of her left wing missing because it was fractured and had to be removed. The rest of the fractured wing healed incorrectly, and is kind of twisted. With this type of injury, she would obviously never be able to fly properly or live in theRead more

Creature Feature: Chummix the boer goat

We have had a couple of recent posts about operant conditioning, so I thought I would do a feature on the animal that I am training right now. Chummix, pronounced “chummy”, lives in our farmyard with Max the steer. He arrived at the museum shortly before I started working here, but he apparently came to us in a very interesting way! The story that I was told (as passed down from one of the other keepers) is that we adoptedRead more