Not the best of weekends

We knew the muskrat was old, and had some issue with his mouth that was going to be looked at today, but on Friday his mouth was looking bigger and so by Saturday morning we decided to sedate him and check things out. The growth on his face grew very quickly and was not removable. We were (are) suspicious of cancer, and as we were deciding whether or not we should wake him up from the procedure he started toRead more

Huge thanks to VSH: Veterinary Specialty Hospital.

In addition to last week’s snow, we took four animal over to VSH in Durham. The Veterinary Specialty Hospital along with Dr. Cindy Godshalk of East Coast Veterinary Imaging donated their facility, services, and staff to ultrasound and radiograph four of our animals. AND, this isn’t the first time they’ve stepped up and helped out: The first time was 3.5 years ago when Cassandra needed an ultrasound. Last year we brought two snakes to VSH in Cary for ultrasounds withRead more

What a day!

The day is done- it’s midnight, or a few minutes after, so the day is finally over and it’s Wednesday! The short story is there is too much going on!  We learned late Monday that construction on our walk-in freezer would start Tuesday morning. The Keepers quickly emptied out the room and stored all the freezers on the hall to start the day. Then we got a couple truckloads of Farmyard bedding. Tuesday was also Vet. Rounds, so Dr. Vanderford wasRead more

Education Holding Room

Back on the Animal Support Hall we have an entire room of animals for education purposes which we call the EHR. The animals in the Education Holding Room are taken out by Museum Educators for special events, birthday parties, even trips to local schools.Read more

Creature Feature: Ladybelle the ferret

Ladybelle came to live at the museum in September 2010, and was donated to us by a private owner. She was already 5 years old when we acquired her, because she was born in August 2005. She lives in the Education Holding Room (EHR) behind the scenes and is used for birthday parties and educational classes. She is great at being handled, so she makes for a wonderful animal that children can pet. But like most ferrets, once you putRead more

New Faces

It’s been awhile since I did any sort of Spotlight- sorry. We have a bunch of new faces at the Museum and I thought I would quickly update you and share some of the changes and some of the newbies. We’ve made posts about the new animals: Ladybell ferret, Henry the Woodchuck,  and  Red Wolf 1287. We  have other new animals too (maybe one of the Keepers will write about Jessica opossum or the new aviary birds which arrived onRead more