“How interesting!”…

… as Kristen would say. That was the phrase she used when she found out a little tidbit about our newest animal arrival this past Friday.  Apparently our new ferret was previously named Tinkerbell, but we had to change her name to LadyBelle because we already had a Tinkerbell ferret here before!

Now, we seem to just have an unsaid rule that you can’t give another animal a previous animal’s name…. at least not if the animal is the same species as the previous name holder. For instance, we once had a goat named Henry so we will not give that name to another goat. However, our new woodchuck is named Henry and that is perfectly okay!

I don’t have a picture yet of LadyBelle, but we should have one soon. And if you know anything about ferrets, the picture will be overflowing with cuteness, so check in later!

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