QuikPost: office visitor

It’s Thursday night, around 6:30 and I am sitting at my desk trying to get stuff done.  I hear some quiet rustling outside my office and assume it is the cleaning crew trying to be quiet. I was wrong.  Out of the corner of my eye, something dark is moving across the floor.  It’s Zoe!

Zoe is a large water turtle, of mixed lineage. (The floor tiles are 12 inches square). He is being treated for some shell issues and was drying in the exam room. His medicine needs to dry on him and I told the Keepers I would put him away this evening.  The Exam Room is about 30  feet from my office! I left Kristen a message at home to see where she had left him.

He took a long hard look at the volunteer time sheets- I wonder if he has different ideas about how he can spend his time at the Museum!

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