Reading this will only make you hungry…

So it’s almost Thanksgiving.  That most wonderful time of year when we have an entire holiday completely centered on EATING!  Sure, there’s some other stuff about Pilgrims and being thankful and all that jazz, but the important part is the food!  There’s mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole (with marshmallow topping), green beans, gravy, pumpkin pie, apple, pie, cherry pie, apple cider, and all kind of other deliciousness!  Some poor misguided people even include brussels sprouts in their meal – we’ll try not to fault them for eating vegetable kryptonite.  🙂  Oh, it is my very favorite holiday and I cannot wait! So much food, so many leftovers, and such a food coma to look forward to!  But wait, I almost forgot the main part of the meal!  The Turkey!  Ahhh, what’s Thanksgiving without a Turkey?  We’ve been eating turkey since the first Thanksgiving many moons ago.

The normal Bronze turkey variety 

These are just a few of the many turkey breeds that people keep for shows, pets and meat.  Wild Turkeys can be seen in our area, in the more forested locales.  When I lived in Florida I had a small flock that frequented my horse pastures – they’d come out of the woods at feeding time for the horses, and after my herd left the barn they’d come in and clean up all the grain leftovers on the floor.  They were great little vacuums.  So everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving, relax on the day off, eat until you bust…then eat some more.  🙂

And for a real Turkey day treat, click HERE!  Enjoy!  🙂 

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