Lemur Photos

I wanted to share some Lemur photos.

If you remember back several months ago- we had two interns Casey and Jessica who did their enrichment project for the lemurs- it was a teepee tree. We still use it and here are some recent photos of the ring tails climbing on it.

Lycus climbing
Cassandra and Satyrus climbing on their enrichment


As for the red ruffed lemurs, we were treating Iris twice a day with medicine that we put in mashed banana, which often meant her sister and mother also got mashed banana as a treat.  Here are photos of Jethys (Iris’ sister) who was so “excited” about her banana- she took the bowl right out of my hand and held it herself- hahaha

Jethys holding her own bowl with both hands
One hand!
When she was finished she dropped it on the ground


Hope you enjoyed- here’s Lycus to say GOODBYE

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