T-Shirts for Conservation

One week left to buy your limited edition T-shirt and support conservation. Click here to place your order.Order your shirt now through the August 28th only. (Here’s the direct link https://www.bonfire.com/store/lifeandscience/)      Read more

T-Shirts for Conservation

Voting goes through Saturday to decide which T-shirt we will make this summer. Both T-shirts are great (each design below). Want to learn more about the conservation of radiated tortoises and ring-tailed lemurs in Madagascar, or of red wolves right here in North Carolina: Click here!    Read more

Lemur and Tortoise Introductions!

Earlier this year, we introduced our new Radiated Tortoises to our lemur yard and therefore to our lemurs. Whenever you are introducing new animals to each other, careful planning must take place. We thought the tortoises would not have much of a reaction to the lemurs. We ended up being correct. We were pretty confident that the lemurs would react to the tortoises though. After all, large moving boulders in your yard would probably concern you too. We had aRead more

QuikPic: Lemurs

I caught all seven lemurs in the same area. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to take one picture of all of them before.   Pretty soon the tortoises will be heading outside in the yard- that should be quite a sight!    Read more

Ring-tailed lemur update

Sorry it’s taken so long to update you about the lemurs here. I’ve been busier than busy. It’s been a long road, and although the end can be seen, it is still way off in the distance. The end of the road: to add a group of five young ring-tailed lemurs to our group of two old ring-tailed lemurs. In July 2014 five ring-tailed lemurs from the Toledo Zoo made their way. Young, bouncy, and active… I never had suchRead more