Teeth Brushing

Mason and Dixie are 2 of our ferrets that live at our museum. Ferrets are one of my favorite animals because their personality is like a dog AND a cat in my experience. I have owned ferrets in the past and I am glad we have some at the museum that I can see all the time.

In this clip you will see the duo getting their teeth brushed. We use pet toothpaste that comes in scrumptious flavors like poultry, beef, malt and seafood! The brush is smaller so it can fit in their small mouths. The ferrets don’t really seem to  mind getting this done because they  like the eat the toothpaste.

Here the ferrets are scruffed which means we hold them by the loose skin of their necks. This does not hurt them and it is the way a lot of animals carry their offspring around. It allows us to get a better hold of them and able to really get a close look at their teeth, clean their ears or cut their nails.


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  1. Wendy says:

    That is TOO CUTE! Now I’ll have to go home and brush my dogs’ teeth!

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