Meet Galileo Opossum

Here is a picture of  Galileo opossum. You can see he has a keen eye for design by picking out paint swatches when he visited some museum employees.

He arrived with his brother, Einstein in September of 2011. He and his brother came to us from a rehabber that found them after their mother was killed by a car. They were too used to people and too young to be released. The two later were put into Sonny’s old exhibit in Carolina Wildlife. Sonny was then moved into our EHR and lives in a big playpen. In the beginning the brothers did well living together, but later had to be separated and one moved into the EHR because they started to quarrel too much.  Now Einstein and Galileo switch places when the exhibit is super cleaned so you never know who you may see in the exhibit.

Here we are letting Galileo investigate the 3rd floor where we have offices. He was able to get a change of pace and visit people to get used to them because he is used as a program animal.

Thus far, we are able to find out that Galileo loves to walk around the halls like our old opossum Beaker used to. He also loves to do a clicking noise and is more concerned with scenting and sliming things then he is with trying to find things to eat.

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