We’re so eggcited!


The farmyard will soon be getting some new additions. If you couldn’t tell from the title, we have decided that we are going to incubate, hatch and raise our own chickens. I will be blogging about the whole process when we start which will be on April 4th. They will be placed into our incubator which will be set up in the vet room. They should hatch about 21 days later and wont be able to be viewed by the public immediately because they need to be in a controlled environment for a few days, but I promise to take pictures.

I will blog about the development going on inside the eggs themselves and what we are doing while we wait for them to hatch.

2 responses to We’re so eggcited!

  1. Sarah says:

    The whole process will be very hentertaining. Just keep your sunny side up, Jill. All the eggsausting, mind-numbing, adjustments of the incubator will pay off in the end. We won’t have to scramble around anymore to get things ready, my brain is fried un-oeuf for the time being. I’ll be happy when we can just set the eggs in the turner and leave them alone for a while. I do hope that we don’t have any bad eggs, Katy’s room will smell fowl if we don’t catch it in time. Hopefully, in 21 days, we’ll have something to crow about!

  2. Jill says:

    This will take me a few days to respond to…my brain is over easy.

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