More photos from Vermont

I posted some photos in November that a friend of mine sent me. She has a lot of critters in her backyard in Vermont. These are some photos she sent me from her walk last week.


Greg- name that bug.


Greg- name that bird


Greg- name that mammal 🙂




2 responses to More photos from Vermont

  1. Ranger Greg says:

    Common Green Darner for the “bugs.”
    I have to say Great Horned Owl for the birds although Long-eared is possible, but very unlikely, these two look like Great Horned.
    And for the mammal, that’s a cute little black bear!
    I’m curious though, where was the parent while your friend was taking the photo of the bear in the tree?

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      The mother bear was on the ground nearby huffing/growling for her cubs, who came down. My friend was far too close at 100 feet, and very lucky to walk away unharmed.

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