All Grown Up

Here’s a few then and now photos of some of your favorite Museum critters. Enjoy.   MAX OUR STEER    SCOUT OUR DUCK    AUGGIE OUR PIG   VIRGINIA BEAR     ME (really)    Read more

Photos of Erin

Erin was in the office yesterday eating leftover cake from Kristen’s Baby Shower and got some frosting on her chin. It reminded me of other amusing photos I had of Erin so I thought I’d share. The end-of-year animal department potluck features a grab-bag of presents. Some people think some of the items wrapped are not worth keeping (shocking, I know). I wrapped up a surplus saddle from one of the horses in the Play to Learn exhibit area andRead more

QuickPost: baby photos

I went to grab the waterproof camera- the one that Erin refers to as hers or the one she suckered me in to buying- so I could take some photos that people had been asking for. I couldn’t find it. I bet Erin went away on vacation and left it in her pocket. So, instead of showing you the photos of my hair-balled cat who I was home sick with, or our new pig shelter, or the keepers hard atRead more

QuikPost: Animal Photos.

I was flipping through the many photos on our camera and thought I would share a few with you. This is one of our box turtles doing some painting for enrichment. Our spotted turtle (male) likes to “bother” our painted turtle (female) in Carolina Wildlife. Our canebrake rattlesnake kept getting an abscess on her face. We did some work on her and she hasn’t had any recurrence yet. It’s hard to see, but that’s one of her fangs being manipulatedRead more