Photos of Erin

Erin was in the office yesterday eating leftover cake from Kristen’s Baby Shower and got some frosting on her chin.

It reminded me of other amusing photos I had of Erin so I thought I’d share.

The end-of-year animal department potluck features a grab-bag of presents. Some people think some of the items wrapped are not worth keeping (shocking, I know). I wrapped up a surplus saddle from one of the horses in the Play to Learn exhibit area and someone LEFT IT BEHIND. Erin worked hard to show Kristen ways in which the saddle could be adapted for use during pregnancy.

Erin trying to be creative with a saddle from a stuffed animal horse!

A couple years (yes, really) Erin, Larry, and I were scooping poop in the bear yard and I made asked Erin to test out Ursula’s bed for comfort. I think we made sure there was no poop in the bed before I shoved her in, but I cannot remember anymore!

Erin testing out Ursula's bed

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