some PG uses for blow-up dolls

You know we do emergency drills so we are more prepared should something  happen at the Museum. I cannot really let a bear out, or throw a person into the bear pool, so I have props. Stuffed animal bears or lemurs, and even fake people, as seen on the right. If you want to read previous blog posts about our trainings click on any of the links below. black bear escape Leslie bear escape lemur escape person in distress  Read more

Photos of Erin

Erin was in the office yesterday eating leftover cake from Kristen’s Baby Shower and got some frosting on her chin. It reminded me of other amusing photos I had of Erin so I thought I’d share. The end-of-year animal department potluck features a grab-bag of presents. Some people think some of the items wrapped are not worth keeping (shocking, I know). I wrapped up a surplus saddle from one of the horses in the Play to Learn exhibit area andRead more

Hall repairs.

We have a bunch of repairs and upgrades going on behind-the-scenes. On November 8th, there were 4 different contractors doing work in or around the animal department and animal exhibits. The scheduled work behind the exhibits in Carolina Wildlife was to fix a main water valve as well as repair damaged walls behind the scenes. We had to move the snake cages in preparation for the work. Two of the cages were set out in Carolina Wildlife, as seen below.Read more

QuikPost:Yona bear update

  The picture above doesn’t do justice to Yona as her hair has grown back in since her surgery in September. We expect to be letting Yona back into the exhibit in just one week! It will be eight weeks since her surgery and she is doing really well. Her limp has mostly diminished and we’re really happy with how things have gone. I was looking through some emails and blogs and came across a really great video that Karyn took backRead more

A wet and wild slip n’ slide

You may have noticed that it rained a lot last week. I think it actually rained every day, as I worked outside in it quite a bit. I don’t know about you, but when it rains that much, I try and think of all the good things that will come from it, instead of just focusing on the fact that I can’t seem to dry out. And while it’s good to think of these benefits to the rain, sometimes thereRead more

Biggest Bummer for Bloggies

I have very sad news for our faithful readers. It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Larry and Erin will be leaving their jobs at the Museum. They are heading off for wonderful new adventures, which is great for them, but will leave a big void in our animal keeping and blogging world. I am sure each of them will write farewell posts, I hope each of them will occasionally write a guest post, and  IRead more