some PG uses for blow-up dolls

erin and staceyYou know we do emergency drills so we are more prepared should something  happen at the Museum. I cannot really let a bear out, or throw a person into the bear pool, so I have props. Stuffed animal bears or lemurs, and even fake people, as seen on the right. If you want to read previous blog posts about our trainings click on any of the links below.

black bear escape

Leslie bear escape

lemur escape

person in distress


This “blow-up” guy getting a hug from Erin has a creepy reputation at the Museum. I used him most recently to play the part of a missing kid hiding in the woods somewhere. Staff had to find him and get him to his mom who was nervously awaiting his return.

So, I am watching TV last week and get super-excited! Look who I see in the background of the radio studio (TV Show Monk, episode “Mr. Monk is on the Air” 2.7.07):


blow up man (2)



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