Preparing for Incidents

I help lead the team of staff that respond and help manage incidents on grounds. It’s a great group of folks to spend time with. We review actual incidents that have occurred, discuss situations we are concerned about, review procedures, conduct surprise drills, and more. In the past few weeks we conducted “Emergency Jeopardy” as well as knocked out two emergency drills. TEAM ULI, my partner and Butterfly House Director, took on TEAM SHERRY in our Jeopardy style activity. AsRead more

some PG uses for blow-up dolls

You know we do emergency drills so we are more prepared should something  happen at the Museum. I cannot really let a bear out, or throw a person into the bear pool, so I have props. Stuffed animal bears or lemurs, and even fake people, as seen on the right. If you want to read previous blog posts about our trainings click on any of the links below. black bear escape Leslie bear escape lemur escape person in distress  Read more

Emergency Training: Making Darts

Do you ever wonder what we do on closed Mondays?  (Today, we’re cleaning the bear pool). We do several Emergency Training Drills a year and a closed Monday is the perfect opportunity. I recently wrote about lemur tracking, we also do full on drills that include fake animal escapes and or damage due to storms or trees down, you might recall when Leslie played a bear. Today’s post is about making darts. We would potentially use a dart to sedate an escapedRead more

Animal Escape and Recapture Drill

Last week we had a bear escape- actually two bears. Well, actually, not really any bears, or at least not any real bears. We practice and drill so we can prepare for the real thing. Sometimes I use stuffed animals– rather large ones that the keepers have to track down and find and return home. It’s hard to mimic reality with stuffed animals, so this past time I enlisted the help of our Human Resource Specialist, Leslie Fann. She didRead more

Amusing story (at least to me)

Last month we ran a few emergency trainings, or mock drills. In one of the scenes, the keepers learned of a wind warning/tornado watch. Part of their task was to rescue a staff member who found himself in a precarious situation on the boardwalk. I didn’t want to have a real person hanging over the edge, so this is Stacey (with Erin). I put clothes on him and duct taped a whole lot of bricks to him to make himRead more